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Re: [K12OSN] The Open Source Educator

> My idea this time around is to have a communal blog where individuals can
> author articles and publish them on the web. Once there are enough articles
> a few people (who want to) can work on putting the downloadable ezine
> together. The focus doesn't even have to be on a downloadable ezine either.
> Having a blog with multiple authors from all tech levels and physical
> regions would be a great resource for everyone involved with FOSS in
> schools.

This could be very cool.  There is an endless amount of topics to cover even if this was
narrowed to FOSS in education.  I could see an article being created fairly easily just
from my last string of posts about what types of servers to buy along with
advantages/disadvantages to certain configs.  If such a thing was created I could see
distributing it to admins and techs in our school districts to help them see the light.

I don't think I have the best technical writing skills or even a good ability to design
page layouts and such.  But I would be more than willing to try or even just offer
suggestions for topics.

All the input wouldn't just have to come from users on this list either, once something
was established I am sure others would find their way there.

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