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Re: [K12OSN] Windows Apps in Linux

On Thu, 10 May 2007 15:38:58 -0700, Cody Grosskopf wrote
> I've recently been in the market for some new software to run my Windows
> apps in Linux. I have some software that I am very unhappy with, and I
> was wondering if there was anyone out there running maybe Win4Lin or
> Crossover. I'm just wondering how well these products work. So if anyone
> is running Windows apps in Linux please respond!

Crossover works very well for the list of supported apps.  If they are not in the list
of supported apps then it is fairly hit and miss, mostly miss.  Some things will appear
to run but have a glitch not seen at first (might crash only when printing).  I
downloaded a beta of the newest crossover 6.0.3 (I think that's the version) and it is
pretty nice with an ever growing list of supported apps.  Codeweavers will work on fine
tuning apps for you but this isn't free and they are pretty busy.  I had some email
conversations with Jeremy White last week and they are backed up for a few months
(depending on what is crashing and the availability of the code writer assigned to that
arena).  Still I would give them a look, the supported stuff runs without a hitch and
they support LTSP environments.  Jeremy is also very good to deal with and is more than
willing to give out software versions to try and see if CrossOver is a good fit for your
organization, he just doesn't want too many calls on issues with the trials :-)

Don't know much about Win4Lin and my Wine experience has been less than desirable. 
Might help to post a list of your Windows apps to see if others have ran them and what
they use.

Good luck

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