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Re: [K12OSN] Windows Apps in Linux

I've had bad luck with wine in the past, but in the past year I've had a
lot more success with it.  Specifically, I got some windows-only
inventory management software running for the company I work for (it's
called MAS 200).  The latest version is 0.9.36, so see if you can get a
hold of that version to try out.  It's free, so it's probably worth your

If your application doesn't install properly, try changing the
version of windows that wine emulates.  This is done with the winecfg
gui.  Recently when installing Acrobat reader (the windows version was
required for MAS 200 to install), I found that version 6 would only
install when wine was emulating win98, but after the installation it would only run when wine was emulating win2000.


On Thu, May 10, 2007 at 03:38:58PM -0700, Cody Grosskopf wrote:
> I've recently been in the market for some new software to run my Windows
> apps in Linux. I have some software that I am very unhappy with, and I
> was wondering if there was anyone out there running maybe Win4Lin or
> Crossover. I'm just wondering how well these products work. So if anyone
> is running Windows apps in Linux please respond!
> Thanks,
> Cody
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