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[K12OSN] 64-bit K12LTSP w/nspluginwrapper + flash in 64-bit Firefox?

Anybody using the 64-bit K12LTSP with 64-bit Firefox running the 32-bit Adobe Flash
under the nspluginwrapper with any success?  

Eric, if anyone is running this with success, can we get the nspluginwrapper included in
the CentOS 5 K12LTSP?  Or is support for this already installed?  Unfortunately I don't
have any 64-bit machines to install the beta on and test things out.  I tried running
under VMware on 32-bit hoping that VMware would make up for my hardware mismatch, nope
:-)  Is there any way to test without a 64-bit machine?

Looks like if I go with a 64-bit OS I will run into some problems with Sun Java, Flash,
etc. under 64-bit FF.  Here is a list of 32-bit plugins nspluginwrapper is said to work
    *Acrobat Reader (5.0.9, 7.0.1)
    *DejaVu Libre (3.5.14)
    *Flash Player (7.0, 9.0)
    *Linux JPEG 2000 (0.0.2)
    *Mplayerplug-in (2.80, 3.25)
    *Real Player (10.0.5)
    *ICA Citrix Client

nspluginwrapper site:

Install Instructions:


Jim Kronebusch
Cotter Tech Department

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