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Re: [K12OSN] Windows Apps in Linux

I have actually talked with people from Crossover, one application works
great, but the other is going to require some actual work, it might be
worth it at this point. I love crossover, but I think it is about $150
per hour. 

Thanks for the help,


>>> Barry Cisna <brcisna eazylivin net> 05/10/07 7:45 PM >>>

You should check out the latest Codeweavers Crossover office. I bought
this for school a couple years ago and works pretty well.
Also on k12ltsp v 5.0 or newer the wine rpm's that default with these
very well nowadays as well.
What windows apps are you wanting to run via Linux?
The key to running windows apps with wine,, if you are wanting to have
users access is to make a "wine" directory then copy all the install
wine/windows apps to this directory,,,then make a launcher as root then
push to desktop for all users( if this is what you are wanting)..
I've never tried Win4lin.. so cnt say about this one

Let us know

Barry Cisna

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