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Re: [K12OSN] some scripting help

Ray Garza wrote:

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to convince my boss to expand K12LTSP services to include some PC's in the Children's Department (I work at a public Library) and a separate room we use to allow Chatting and Guest computers. But, before I can do the expansion, I need to come up with a way to copy Firefox Cache from each account to a single folder for his inspection. I was thinking that a script could do the job. Let me demonstrate what the script should do.

get this

to this

Do it for every account on the server.

Scan all the home folders, find firefox cache and attach the account name to the beginning of the filename and attach ".jpg" to the end.

After reading everyone's excellent answers, I'm left curious as to what adding the ".jpg" extension will do. Some (many) of the cached files will be html files afterall.


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