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[K12OSN] 2007 FOSSED/NELS conference is fast approaching! Register today!

NOTE:  The UNH Registration is now active!  Visit http://www.fossed.com to

Also...help us spread the word!  Blog this!  Post this!  Forward this!  Go
nuts!  :-)

Hi folks!

Hard to believe, but NELS/FOSSED 2007 at Gould Academy is only a month
away!  UNH follows soon after and Gallaudet will come up quickly in
August!  This year is shaping up to be fanatastic!  But....we need YOU!
Come and join your colleagues for 3 days of hands on learning about Linux,
Open Source, and technology in the school and classroom!  The atmosphere
is relaxed....the food incredible...and the presenters are fantastic! (and
we've just received word that the awesome Daryl Hawes of Apple will be
joining us again as our Moodle instructor as well as Open Source for
Macs...Daryl has always gotten rave reviews for his presentations)  Bryant
Patten is the man who literally wrote the book on Open Source Apps for
your classroom.  He'll be presenting and showing you many of the
applications and how they can help you with integrating technology in your
school or classroom.  Most of the apps are completely cross-platform as
well!  Not only that, the fine folks at PRCTech will be printing and
providing copies of the book for all of you to take home!  We have some
fantastic classroom teachers like Deb White who'll be sharing their
experiences with you.  Sharon Bett's, Maine's very own Web 2.0 guru, will
show you all about the many tools available online to help you take things
to the next level with your classes.  This session was very popular last
year at both Gould and UNH.  Gideon Romm will be on hand to show you all
about LTSP and Edubuntu.  Matt Oquist will show you how to integrate your
Linux network with your Windows network and vice versa...and we have
several more presenters who I'll introduce to you in the weeks ahead.  We
also have some fantastic guests and keynotes lined up!  Most important
though....is YOU!  This conference began 5 years ago at the request of
several school tech folks from Maine who simply wanted to learn more about
Linux and Open Source. From this request, NELS was born.  Here we are 5
years later  :-)

New this year is the addition of a FOSSED/NELS conference at Gallaudet
University in Washington D.C.!  Join us in the nations capitol August 5th
- 8th for this exciting conference!  Everything is included!  Meals,
rooms, and a great conference!

Registration is simple.  Visit the http://www.fossed.com site....and on
the right under Main Menu....click the registration link for
Gould/Gallaudet or UNH.  Even if you don't have the financial details
worked out...register anyway and we can take care of the rest later.  The
most common method of payment is by purchase order, but we can accept
checks as well as credit cards (if you wish to pay be credit card for
Gould or Gallaudet....please email me (copperdoggy gmail com) and let me
know...and I will send you the link to make the secure transaction). 
Register soon!

So...register as soon as possible....I need to get some numbers firmed up
as soon as I can.  We're always open to suggestions....if you have any
ideas....anything you want to learn....let me know!  Any questions...also
let us know.  I'll answer them all  :-)  Hope to see you this summer!

For more information and to register for any of the NELS/FOSSED
conferences for 2007....visit  http://www.fossed.com

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Director
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask vcsvikings org

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