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RE: [K12OSN] School printer server

Thanks.  So basically I can install the K12LTSP on a machine and use it just
for the CUPS function without the terminal services part.
(Sorry, maybe not a bright question) but I assume I can also use it as a
file server to host the files for my unattended Windoze installs?  I'm use
to using a DOS network boot disk to connect to the current Windoze server on
which the unattended installs reside.  Is the connection process (we can't
use PXE) basically the same?

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On 5/16/07, Jeremy Schubert <jschubert shaw ca> wrote:
> Sorry, I might not have used the correct terminology.  I'm not looking for
> physical device to connect a printer to a computer.
> I'm looking for a program that would share out printers to all students
> (using a daemon???).   And something on which we could enable quotas and
> have logging of who prints what?

take a look at CUPS (Common Unix Printing System), it should be
already on K12LTSP,
it has quotas and logging feature you wanted.

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