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Re: [K12OSN] Installing FreeMind / Add to k12ltsp additional

Levi wrote:

I was trying to install FreeMind, possibly as a replacement for
SmartIdeas, but I get an error resolving dependencies:
Missing Dependency: relaxngDatatype is needed by package freemind
Missing Dependency: msv-xsdlib is needed by package freemind
I can seem to yum install either of those. And I can only find
info/dowloads for msv-xsdlib, not the relaxngDatatype. Any thoughts?




Both of these appear to part of the JPackage repository.

Here is the relevant entries from our yum.log after adding the JPackage repository

May 14 11:10:17 Updated: xml-commons.noarch 1.3.02-2jpp
May 14 11:10:17 Updated: xml-commons-apis.noarch 1.3.02-2jpp
May 14 11:10:19 Updated: fltk.i386 1.1.8-0.3.r5750.fc6
May 14 11:10:20 Updated: fuse-libs.i386 2.6.5-1.fc6
May 14 11:10:21 Updated: fuse.i386 2.6.5-1.fc6
May 14 11:10:22 Updated: xml-commons-resolver.noarch 1.1-3jpp
May 14 11:10:31 Updated: blender.i386 2.42a-21.fc6
May 14 13:32:03 Installed: relaxngDatatype.noarch 1.0-2jpp
May 14 13:32:03 Installed: msv-xsdlib.noarch 1.2-0.20050722.1jpp
May 14 13:32:05 Installed: jakarta-commons-lang.i386 2.1-5jpp.1
May 14 13:32:06 Installed: jgoodies-forms.noarch 1.0.5-2jpp
May 14 13:32:07 Installed: jakarta-commons-codec.i386 1.3-7jpp.2
May 14 13:32:07 Installed: ws-jaxme.noarch 0.5-1jpp
May 14 13:32:08 Installed: jcalendar.noarch 1.2.2-3jpp
May 14 13:32:11 Installed: freemind.noarch 0.8.0-6
May 15 08:56:16 Installed: xmlbeans.noarch 1.0.4-2jpp
May 15 08:56:16 Installed: rhino.noarch 1.6-0.r1.1jpp
May 15 08:56:17 Installed: batik.noarch 1.6-1jpp
May 15 08:56:18 Installed: freemind-plugins-svg.noarch 0.8.0-6
May 15 08:56:18 Installed: freemind-plugins-time.noarch 0.8.0-6

Hope that helps!


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