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[K12OSN] Scholastic Read 180 stumping me

Hi folks,

Our school recently made the rash decision to purchase Scholastic's Read
180 Enterprise Edition. I figured, OK I can deal with this, the K12LTSP
workstations can use rdesktop to access the Read 180 client as they do
with Scholastic's SRI, etc.

But Scholastic seems to have outwitted me on this one: when logged on via
Remote Desktop, I try to launch the Read 180 client and I get an error to
the effect of "This system does not meet the requirement for video
display". ^&*#^$&#!! Well that's ridiculous. I imagine that somehow Read
180 sees the Remote Desktop video as being inadequate. I contacted
Scholastic and all they can say is "Remote Desktop is not one of the
supported configurations for our Help Desk".

Anyone have any suggestions on how to outwit this thing? If I can't access
Read 180 then it will be a serious blow to the viability of my linux labs,
which number 5 right now and total 60 workstations, and growing.

Tom Wolfe

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