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RE: [K12OSN] Building a Print server


Exactly.  All the printers are over the network.... either jet direct, thin-client run (with or without a monitor), and even off windows XP desktops (I'm stuck with AD, so I use group policy to control the firewalls of all the XP desktops and make it so file/printer sharing is enabled to the print server (sputnik).  The funny thing is those with local windows printers sometimes are being redirected by the login script to the queue on the server and then back to their own printer... which is fine so I can see how much they print. =)  It takes a little while to get the drivers put together to make the CUPS/MS printing work, but once you do that, you never have to install funny MS drivers to the print server so they can be automatically installed on the windows clients.  You do have to run a command called cupsaddsmb whenever you add a new print queue for it to show up in samba, but you just wait 5 minutes then run it, and voila!  You've got printers windows can use easily!


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Thanks Henry.  I'm assuming that your printers are not directly connected to the servers?  That they're connected to the network by ethernet?  Is that correct?
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I have currently implemented a Fedora Core 6 (soon to be moved to Centos 5) print server using CUPS.  I'm moving all my users to printing to the queues on this server (both Windows, Mac, and Linux).  You should follow the instructions for using the CUPS/MS postscript drivers so you can easily deploy to Windows clients using a login script.  The CUPS/MS drivers don't need local admin access for the user to use the queues.... So no more adding special printer drivers to each client for each printer... they all use the same CUPS/MS drivers.  The next step for me is to use pykota.    I've got a central view of all the print jobs now so I can see if something is jammed.


Henry Burroughs

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