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[K12OSN] SDL Errors when opening games

Hi Group,

I've started having a problem with certain fullscreen games (I can't open them windowed either though.)

When launched from the command line, I get some error messages that I'm hoping someone can help me capitalize on. (I've tried google)

[user ltsp ~]$ wesnoth
Battle for Wesnoth v1.2.4
Started on Sat May 19 15:37:12 2007

started game: 2793193161
error display: Could not initialize SDL: No available video device
Could not initialize video. Exiting.

[user ltsp ~]$ tuxpaint

Error: I could not initialize video and/or the timer!
The Simple DirectMedia Layer error that occurred was:
No available video device

These games worked fine up until a few days ago. Perhaps I yum installed something in my sleep that's causing problems. I tried rolling back the kernel to no avail. This happens for all the users I've tried on 3 different clients with three different monitor types.
Thanks for any suggestions about how to solve this.


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