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Re: [K12OSN] 5.0 EL test updates

Peter Scheie wrote:
Eric Harrison wrote:
I added the fix for the fuse problem & cleaned up a couple of minor items.

The rpmforge repository has been added (but is disabled by default) and
a couple of packages from that repo have been included. If you are
upgrading from the first 5.0EL build, you should update the
k12ltsp-release package before running yum upgrade:

    yum install k12ltsp-release
    yum upgrade

The k12ltsp-release package includes the gpg keys that are required to
install packages from the rpmforge repo. If you try to install a
rpmforge-build package before installing the new k12ltsp-release
package, you will get an error about missing keys.

After installing all of the updated packages, you can either reboot or
run the following commands in order to fix the USB drive support:

    /etc/init.d/dkms_autoinstaller start
    /sbin/chkconfig dkms_autoinstaller on
    /sbin/modprobe fuse
    /etc/init.d/ltspfs-insecure start

I followed the instructions above, but when I ran 'modprobe fuse' I got 'FATAL: Module fuse not found'. Also, what exactly does the dkms_autoinstaller do? After I start it, I'm not sure what I should look for to see if it's running correctly (which it may not be).


dkms = Dynamic Kernel Module Support

 dkms is a framework which allows kernel modules to be dynamically built
 for each kernel on your system in a simplified and organized fashion.

I tested on one my servers and it didn't work either. The trick is that kernel-devel package needs to match the running kernel. If you upgrade your kernel packages, you need to reboot before dkms will work.


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