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Re: [K12OSN] Client Ram

I've found that you only need 32MB DRAM on your clients. For several years, up to and including today, I run Pentium-166 clients with 32MB DRAM, and no, I don't have NFS swap turned on. Not once has a client died on me...and I run a whole lot of Firefox sessions and other things, simultaneously, on one client (OpenOffice.org, The GIMP, multiple Konqueror sessions, GAIM, etc.). Remember, this stuff runs on the server, not the client. Heck, I've run ancient Power Mac 5260 and Power Mac 5500 clients with 32MB DRAM, and they work just fine. So you're certainly safe with 64MB DRAM in your iPaqs

If the teachers insist on running Windows XP, then you're quite safe putting those bigger sticks of DRAM in the teachers' computers. Of course, I have a better idea...tell 'em that if they go with this thin client solution, it'll speed up "their boxes" a whole lot! :-) You might get some takers.


Kemp, Levi wrote:
I've got a lab full of iPaqs (500MHz) that I'm pulling all the hard drives from to use for LTSP. The drives are going to go out to teacher computers that are in desperate need of a new drive, the iPaq drives were bought last year. I'm also considering filling the iPaqs with 32MB sticks of Ram. They have two slots so I'd get 64 in there, or I could use a 64 and a 32 to get 96. Right now most have 192 or 256 using 128 and 64 sticks. I'd like to know what you all think about it, I haven't seem much difference running 64 vs 256, and the teachers computers could really use the boost to handle XP.

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