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Re: [K12OSN] my 1st k12ltsp system

Rob Owens wrote:
I'm not in front of a K12LTSP system right now, so this is from memory.
Forgive me if I miss some details...

Go to System, Administration, Network and see if both NICs come up in
the list.  If they do, see if you can enable the one that's currently
disabled.  You'll want one NIC to be set to DHCP, and one set to Static.
The static one is the one that will connect to your thin clients, and
the DHCP one will connect to the school's network.
Here's where it
might be confusing:  the static NIC will be *serving* DHCP to the thin
clients.  That configuration is done elsewhere, but keep it in mind.
There's a text file somewhere that specifies which NIC serves DHCP.
Maybe someone else on the list can remember the name and location.

I think it tells you in the /etc/dhcpd.conf file...
something like 'Be sure to set DHCPARGS = ethX' depending on which NIC it's supposed to serve requests on...



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