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[K12OSN] sudden appearance of grey X


I guess maybe i misunderstood your prob. Does the terminals come up to a
command prompt login,OR do you get a " blue background/desktop" with no
place/window to type in your username/password?
>From what I understand you are getting strictly the dreaded grey X,and
nothing different?

In your lts.conf file do;

SCREEN_01 = startx
SCREEN_02 = shell

* if you have an rdesktop line enabled here,comment it out* (#)

reboot the client box, then do your CTL-ALT-F1 & CTL-ALT-F2   ,and see if
this gives you a different "look" to your login. If nothing changes
toggling your window sessions,,then something is hosed the
By doing the CTL-ALT-F2 you should at least get changed to the command
prompt login.
I know this does not really explain why vnc does not give you a login
placeholder ,either.
Another thing to try is the good old ' hostname' in a terminal. Make sure
you are actually seeing the FQDN of this server
At this point it almost sounds like it may be time to reformat. Ive run
into the same thing in the past,and found in the end I would have saved
lots of time, reformatting, I know though you don't actually figure out
what caused the server to do this:(.

Keep your fingers crossed.

take care,

Barry Cisna

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