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Re: [K12OSN] No sound in Flash 9

This little trick also works for Konqueror too, BTW.

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Barry Cisna wrote:
Hi Robert,

Flash 9 sound will work " out of the box " with the two following files:


( On 32 bit k12ltsp, not sure about 64 bit)

Flash will work on both the default firefox installed with fc5 & fc6 &
Firefox which we are now using, without a hitch.
If you do not get sound:

Make sure you do the ol'
' mkdir /tmp/.esd '
' touch /tmp/.esd/socket '
,,in a terminal.

close Firefox & reopen Firefox,will get you Flash (9) sound.

if you still do not get sound.

Google for these rpm's. If you can not find them I can post them on our
ftp site so you can down them if need be.
This will get you away from having to do the command line voodoo with

Take care,

Barry Cisna

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