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Re: [K12OSN] [OT] Downloading GPS data

Hrm... is it bluetooth capable?
or just old enough to only have serial connectivity??

Sudev Barar wrote:
On 30/05/07, Steven Santos <steven simplycircus com> wrote:
OK, lets see.  Many moons ago I used GP50 data loggers to record seismic
pressure readings. The two older units recorded readings from the pressure

I think there is some confusion here. The device i am referring to is
described at http://www.sanav.com/gps_loggers/gl-50.htm

OOOOOoopppppsss.... It is GL50 and not GP50

sensor via a serial port, while the newer units had the GP50 built into the housing of the sensor unit. Poking around an archive CD from 1996, I have a
file called pos-gp50.hw2 (ahh, home word 2...)

Here are the contents of that file:


Downloading from the data loggers

1. Using the blue cable on FRED, connect the data logging unit (serial port
2. Fire up Terminate, and select "GP 50" from the dialing menu
3. Once connected, you will see a flow of current data
   Press crtl-b repeatedly until you get a ">" or ":" prompt
4. Turn screen capture on
5. enter "type pdata"
6. When data dump ends, turn screen capture off
7. delete the extra lines from the capture file
8. save to a floppy disk and give to Toni or Laura

I still need to test this out.

My first question is did it break to allow entry of commands?

From what I troed the data strem did not break. But then i only gave
Ctrl+b once.

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