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[K12OSN] off-topic (library catalogue software)

Hello all,

I've been running k12ltsp in our small school for 3 years, with great
success.  So, I trust the heads from this list to give me some advice
on getting library catalogue software installed and running.

I'm setting up my childrens school with a Windows 2003 Enterprise
server/network.  It will have about 25 desktops and 15 laptops (mobile
wireless lab), running XP Pro.  I have help from a software engineer to
get the domain and permissions set up.  

I talked the technology and library committee out of spending thousands
on Destiny for the library, and I have been fiddling around with Koha
and Openbiblio.  My original thought was to get one of these programs
running on the Server 2003 box.  I don't suppose it matters if it is
located on the server, or on a stand-alone box.  

My problem is that I have not been able to get either Koha or Openbiblio
fully functional on a Windows platform.  With Koha, I have it installed,
and it appears to be working fine; except that I cannot get z39.50
working, which is crucial.  If I cannot get this to work, so we can
easily download bibliographic information with a barcode scanner, then
I'm up a creek.  So, I'm wondering if I could get the catalogue
software on a stand-alone linux box.  As long as it has a GUI, it
shouldn't be a problem for the librarian.

So, my question is:  Is there a distribution that has either Koha or
Openbiblio set up out of the box?  I'm not much of a command line guy
(teacher, not a penguin).  The more simple GUI to get it going, the
better.  I've not had much luck with instructions I've found on the
internet, which is why I'm turning to the list.  Someone Help!!!!

Thanks all,

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