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Re: [K12OSN] will this setup work?

willhatch fayhoneyknoppschool org wrote:
Ok, so I put Ipcop in between my modem and k12 box.  I have the internet on the server and clients, so most everything is ok, except that my windows machines attached to the switch are not finding the internet.  I get a notification that there is "limited or no connectivity".  I swear that I had this exact setup for years, but now its not working.  Ever since Comcast bought out Adelphia, I've had issues. 

I checked services; nat is running. 


Are the Windows boxes on the same subnet as the LTSP clients?  If so, can you ping and traceroute to the next hop past the K12LTSP server?  Hmm...for that matter, can you ping the K12LTSP server from the Windows boxes?  Are the Windows boxes actually getting a default gateway?  Are they getting any IP addresses (169.254.x.x doesn't count) at all?

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