[K12OSN] updating student profiles

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Wed Sep 5 00:58:59 UTC 2007


do a ' locate all.js '  in a terminal
it will reside at

scroll about half way down and edit the lines:

and..pref( network.proxy.http_port
add your server's ip address on the first line,between the ' '
on the second line add 8080 # your proxy port, between the ' '
This will show for every user.
downside,, if they find the settings in the prefs of Firefox they can take
these out...next login they will reappear though.
There is also a way to " gray out" certain boxes in Firefox. i can not
remember what the editor is that does this,,,though..sorry:(.

Ok for DG add the DG plugin to Webmin,,, you'll figure things out lots
quicker Via Webmin.
in the config for DG you should ,,
port 8080  as your " filter port"
port 3128  as your "proxy port"
,, in the config file in the DG Webmin plugin,
It should now work with these values.
Hope this helps a little..

Take Care

Barry Cisna

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