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Re: [K12OSN] Google apps


Paul, great to hear from you again.  I would love to speak with you about what I am doing with the Digital Tipping Point film, and with FOSS at a school near my home.  And it was all inspired by you, Paul !   More comments in line...

On 9/4/07, Paul Nelson <pnelson k12 gmail com> wrote:
Hosting your own email is GREAT and is often a preferred solution but
don't blame this on Gmail. One GOOD thing you can do with gmail is
create a domain for your school (oregonk12.org )

I completely agree with Paul on this point.  Please see our school's Google Partnerpage:


It is a great wedge tool for slowly and painlessly separating a school from Microsoft solutions.  Google apps is the leading edge of the wedge for FOSS.  First you start swapping in Google Docs here and there for Microsoft Office.  Then you start swapping in Gmail with the Google Calendar program for Outlook; and before you know it, you are down to almost no Microsoft solutions at all.  Then the next step is global Linux.  heh.

and then allow access
to Google apps hosted on your domain. When filtering, you can then
deny access to all other google doc URLs but allow access to your own
by grey listing or white listing anything with your domain in the URL

What are you using for filtering, Paul?

This way your students learn how to use Google Docs
and you have admin controls

That is one of the most awesome things about Google Docs and the Google Partner gmail program -- control over your email, with a very simple user interface that is easy for the teachers and admins to learn.

Oh, and one important thing that Paul didn't mention -- collaboration!!!  That is a hugely popular feature of gmail and Google docs with the teachers and the students and their parents.  Anyone who is invited to a document can collaborate.  So the students are simply required to invite teachers and parents to every document that they create, or risk losing their on-line privileges completely. 

Last year, one teacher had his students do a slide show Google docs.  The kids got experience standing up in front of class and presenting, and they also planned their presos, of course, and did the formatting and photos, etc.  It was awesome.

Christian Einfeldt,
Producer, The Digital Tipping Point
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