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Re: [K12OSN] Differences between 5.0.0EL and 5.0.1EL

The 5.x-EL version uses LTSP 4.2, which is not the latest--LTSP 5.0 is the latest--but I would argue 4.2 is the more mature at this time. 5.0 is interesting from a "what's in the future" standpoint, as that's where the developers are working. While it holds great promise, from a user/student/teacher standpoint, I think 4.2 is, today, the better choice: 5.0 is slower to boot than 4.2, tends to require faster client hardware, doesn't support fl_teachertool (yet--Robert's working on it), etc. Edubuntu is using LTSP 5. If you're interested, have a look at it.


JohnG wrote:
I was curious what the changes are from 5.0.0EL to 5.0.1EL; are they just bug fixes? Also do either of these releases have the latest LTSP on them once all the updates are applied? Thanks so much.


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