[K12OSN] K12LTSP v5.0 ATI Rage Xl video driver probs

Rob Owens rowens at bio-chemvalve.com
Thu Sep 6 11:01:02 UTC 2007

I found this in a very sloppily-formatted archive site.  Try "linux
noprobe text" at the boot prompt.

>From that site:

Problem is the CentOS installation routine does not like the onboard ATI
Rage XL video card! Two options to get around this problem! 1) Use Text
mode to do install rather than GUI mode 2) Disable onboard video in BIOS
and install a PCI video card (anykind except ATI) from your surplus junk
box! Do the CentOS install and when it is done remove the PCI video
card! Restore BIOS to use onboard video. The CentOS operating system
does not care about the ATI Rage XL card and it works fine. Just the
install probram chokes on it!!! Hope this helps; Klaus Hagel City of
Tacoma, WA
CCongdon     06-26-06 20:21     To add information... I have the same
problem. This may possibly confirm the suggestion about ATI RageXL
System: Compaq DL360 G2 Dual P3-S 1.266 GHz 1GB RAM HP/Compaq Smart
Array 5i RAID Controller 2x 36.4 GB Ultra-3 Drives (Hardware RAID1)
Using CentOS x86 4.3 CD set. System locks up at 'formatting /boot file
system' Anaconda reports that the on-board video card is an ATI RageXL.
Jodious     09-26-06 21:43     I may have found an easy work around for
this issue. The ATI seems to be the cause, but if you run the installer
with "linux noprobe text" it should install just fine. Dell PowerEdge
600SC Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz 2 x Dell 512MB 2 x 80Gb ATA Seagate Drives
CERC ATA RAID Card (Not Used)

Barry Cisna wrote:
> Hello List,
> Trying to update an old Tyan Tiger 200T server with the onboard  video ATI
> Rage XL chip with K12LTSP v5.0. Version 4.0 of K12LTSP set this up
> fine,actually ID'ing it as a ATI Mach64 chip,but when trying to update the
> default install of K12LTSP v5.0 ( & 6.0), When it initializes the video
> card in the install it merley gets to an "X" with black background ,&
> setup Id's the video chip as ATI Rage XL ( which it actually is.) I've
> Googled but have not found a real workaround. Has anyone here run into
> this snafoo?
> Even if i try and do a text install/update after the video card/chip is
> ID'd setup goes no further:(
> If I try and go back to my old K12LTSP v4.x.x Cd's ,like I say the video
> is ID'd as ATI Mach64 and the GUI portion of setup comes up fine( to start
> the install process)? BTW : I Have tried NFS & CD install and all with
> same results.
> Thanks,
> Barry Cisna
> westcentral school
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