[K12OSN] network printer problem

Rob Owens rowens at bio-chemvalve.com
Thu Sep 6 12:57:01 UTC 2007

I've found that on CentOS 4 (a clone of rhel 4) you need to specify both
"share this printer" and "automatically find remote shared queues" in
order for sharing to work.  It doesn't make much sense, but that's what
fixed it for me.  For what it's worth, the printer GUI on CentOS 5 is
way, way better than the one on CentOS 4.


atul bairagi wrote:
> we have printer hp leaser 1018, it installed on rhel 4 as update 4 it is
> shareable, but we cannot get it from other systems. can any one told me the
> steps how to set it in the network.
> thanks
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