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Re: Fwd: [K12OSN] Can not get 4 GB memory

Jean Phil wrote:
I check our motherboard. Sorry I not really that knowledge about motherboards.  We have Intel d945gnt with a Intel® 945G Express Chipset and ECS 945p-a with Intel 945P chipset.
Intel® 945G Express Chipset and Intel 945P chipset the same family with i945? Are both chipset 32 bit?

I'm afraid they are.  The entire 945 series is 32-bit, which makes it unsuitable for memory configurations beyond 3GB, sometimes 3.25GB.  The only difference between the 945G and the 945P is that the 945G contains the integrated graphics.  The 945P is used when someone wants to sell you, say, ATI or nVidia cards bundled w/ the box (e. g. higher-end laptops).

Here's a link to Intel's Web site with the docs for the entire 945 family:

And here's the 945p-specific link (you can get there from the first link):

I find it rather amazing, really, that Intel would so hobble a supposedly "modern" chipset that supports something so relatively new as the PCI-Express bus.  Go figure....


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