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Re: [K12OSN] dansguardian filter

Kari Matthews wrote:

1.  I need to be able to report how other schools use Dansguardian or
similar filtering tools.

2.  I need to educate the principal on this topic.  Can you think of any
info I can throw his way to persuade him to let up the screws a little bit?

DansGuardian is extremely effective when using prepared lists and your own lists of domains, URLs, phrases, etc.

What I suggest is setting it up to log usernames and using that to show your principal that you can provide detailed reports of what your students are doing. There is a CGI script (dglog.pl) that will allow you to produce these reports.

One technique I've found extremely effective with students is to use a projector to show them DansGuardian logs in real time as they search. They're a bit shocked when they see their usernames in the logs.

I also show them that I can see exactly what they're typing into the Google search box via a perl script I wrote.

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