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Re: [K12OSN] dansguardian filter

share please? :)

fun scripty scripts =)

Also, to parent poster:

Your principal needs to be aware that any student with enough motivation WILL find a way to circumvent nearly any content filter that ISN'T using keyword matching...Dansguardian is nice in that you can filter based on an aggregate scoring of words to which YOU assign weights...also you can whitelist specific IP's(so princpal's laptop) is unfiltered completely...and blacklist explicitly urls/domains/and any page with specific keywords.


george kocke wrote:

What I suggest is setting it up to log usernames and using that to show your principal that you can provide detailed reports of what your students are doing. There is a CGI script (dglog.pl) that will allow you to produce these reports.

I also show them that I can see exactly what they're typing into the Google search box via a perl script I wrote.

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