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RE: [K12OSN] dansguardian filter


I was a special educator at a residential school for boys - sex offenders, for 4 years.  When I first arrived, their idea of safety with the internet was to unplug the ethernet cable from the modem.  After many hours of teaching myself about linux, I ended up with ipcop, dansguardian, and k12ltsp.  It worked well, but being a linux novice I found it difficult to tweak the settings of Dansguardian.  Then I discovered Clarkconnect community edition.  It has a nice interface with pull-down menus to adjust the settings.  With the settings on high, for text and images, its pretty darn secure.  With my students I had to make sure it was, and I never had any trouble.  Yes, it sometimes filters too much.  Better too much than not enough. -Will

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Subject: [K12OSN] dansguardian filter
From: "Kari Matthews" <karisue gmail com>
Date: Fri, September 07, 2007 8:09 am
To: "Support list for open source software in schools."
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I have a new principal who is, for lack of a more descriptive word, paranoid.   After last week's video.google.com scare last week, he had me switch our filter to whitelist only.  So I have a little list of websites that are allowed; all else is blocked.

The teachers and students are not happy.  This is a K-8 school, and the 5th-8th graders feel they are being punished.  I tend to agree.  And when research paper time comes (October), what will happen then?

I promised to look into how other schools handle filtering.  I am scared of filtering by keyword -- what if I don't think of all of them?  Are available prepared lists thorough and reliable?

I have two needs:

1.  I need to be able to report how other schools use Dansguardian or similar filtering tools. 
2.  I need to educate the principal on this! topic.  Can you think of any info I can throw his way to persuade him to let up the screws a little bit?

Thanks for helping,

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