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Re: [K12OSN] Curriculum, outlines, standards and benchmarks

Hi Edward

Although applicable only to Texas, and related more to the TEKS content of several Open Source Software programs we are making available to teachers via our 92 school librarians, you might want to take a look at http://links.episd.org/open-source (click on the icons.) There's also more generic complementary material at http://toss-elptx.blogspot.com/
- there's even a parody of NCLB to balance content ;-)
El Paso ISD - TX

Edwardson wrote:

We are in the process of improving our standards and benchmarks, curriculum and course outlines. I found some examples by searching using google, but i would like to get input (possibly documents) from schools who uses LTSP. This is for K-grade 12.



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