[K12OSN] Windows Terminal Services

Daniel Kuecker kueckerd at shenandoah.k12.ia.us
Tue Sep 11 20:47:05 UTC 2007

Does anyone have any experience with Windows Terminal Services? I have a k12ltsp 5EL lab installed working great. i have install a windows server with terminal services enabled. i setup an icon for the students to connect to it with sound redirection, and all. I am having a few issues. maybe this doesnt work. i am running Type to Learn typing program that seems to be extremely slow. if i use one or two clients, it seems fine except the sound is not perfect. I am also using Star Math. during the install, normally i have to go into the management of  a PC and specify that the data is stored on a mapped drive and it works for every student who logs onto that PC. but on the terminal services, i have to set that for every student. i assume it is something to do with profiles. any suggestions?

Daniel Kuecker

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