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Re: [K12OSN] Windows Terminal Services

At NCS we are using TTL as well using terminal services.  I have a TTL3NET.ini (think that is the name) file that I push to every students WINDOWS directory (which resides in their home directory).  Actually, it is also part of the /etc/skel configuration so they get it reset as well if needed.  This sets the datapath variable that you mention.  I can send it to later today when I get back to the school.  Also, with TTL, there are some graphics options that can be turned off (something about the background in Windows Wipers or something) that reduces the load and improves performance. I haven't gotten sound to work with TTL yet.

On 9/11/07, Daniel Kuecker <kueckerd shenandoah k12 ia us> wrote:
Does anyone have any experience with Windows Terminal Services? I have a k12ltsp 5EL lab installed working great. i have install a windows server with terminal services enabled. i setup an icon for the students to connect to it with sound redirection, and all. I am having a few issues. maybe this doesnt work. i am running Type to Learn typing program that seems to be extremely slow. if i use one or two clients, it seems fine except the sound is not perfect. I am also using Star Math. during the install, normally i have to go into the management of  a PC and specify that the data is stored on a mapped drive and it works for every student who logs onto that PC. but on the terminal services, i have to set that for every student. i assume it is something to do with profiles. any suggestions?

Daniel Kuecker

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