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[K12OSN] FOSS music notation and editing software


Our public middle school has just hired a music teacher for the very first time.  The teacher would like to use computers to do music notation and editing.  We are going to be running this software over an LTSP thin client network.  She wants to "teach students to read treble and bass clef music notation and to understand simple rhythmic patterns.  She would like quizzes and tests and self correction. 

She would like to use this program, which apparently is a Windows-only program.  I have looked at some of the apps that are in the Edubuntu Feisty repository, which are

GNU Denomo

Are there any FOSS musicians on this list?  If so, I would love to hear from you, because I am neither a musician nor a systems administrator, but I am playing the role of both in supporting this public middle school as a volunteer with FOSS.  Heh. 

Thanks in advance.

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