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Re: [K12OSN] FOSS music notation and editing software

Ah.  Sorry about the brevity.

If you have ever viewed fonts that have been 'tuned' and properly kerned, you will know they are pleasing to the eye. You may not know *why*, but you can tell something about that font is "good".

In a similar way to a beautifully set type font, Lilypad knows how to set music. It knows how *much* better than I do. The spacing looks "right", not mechanical / mono-spaced. Like I said, I'm no musician, but I can appreciate the difference in two versions of the same score. The one set by Lilypad is likely to be better looking than almost any sheet music you buy, unless your publisher has hand-tuned the score.

The Lilypad site has an essay that explains some of the extreme lengths they go to in order to set the score "correctly":

There are also lots of scores out there already set in Lilypad. Print one up and compare it to something from the music store and see for yourself if it doesn't look better.

Sorry, I'm not familiar with 'Denomo'.
I can type, so using Lilypad wasn't hard. Learning to read the notes was the hard part for me ;-) , but that's probably something a music teacher would encourage.


Christian Einfeldt wrote:


On 9/11/07, *Tim Born* <k12osn deltacfax com <mailto:k12osn deltacfax com>> wrote:

    I wouldn't be confused with a musician, but Lilypond typesets really
    gorgeous scores.

If I'm not mistaken, GNU Denomo is a GUI front end for Lilypond, is that right?

    When I was creating sheet music for my kids I used it.  Not hard, but
    not WYSIWYG either.
    But the results are stunning!

Good to know. Why were the results stunning? Can you say a bit more? Anything that will help me "sell" this app to the teacher would be welcome.

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