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Re: [K12OSN] Only Konqueror Works

Thanks Terrell. It turned out my primary dns entry was wrong, which definitely accounts for the problems. I'm still a little confused, though, why Konqueror worked at all!


On 9/12/07, "Terrell Prudé Jr." <microman cmosnetworks com> wrote:
Mark Trimble wrote:
I'm perplexed by a problem I'm encountering in K12LTSP fc6. Konqueror
browses the web without a problem with its proxy settings set to
"Direct Connection to Internet", while Mozilla Firefox fails to
function with the same setting. If I change Firefox's proxy settings
to "Automatic Discovery of Proxy", it will usually load Google, but
nothing else afterwards. Changing "System:Preferences:Network Proxy"
from Direct to Manual or Automatic doesn't appear to make a

Yum isn't successful connecting to the Internet either.

Why would Konqueror work, but nothing else?

Try traceroute www.yahoo.com and see what happens.  UNIX/GNU traceroute uses one of the high UDP ports.  If that works, then try telnetting (from a terminal) to www.yahoo.com on TCP 80.  I suspest that this second step won't work.  Any other boxes (UNIX, GNU/Linux, Mac, whatever) that can Web surf on the same IP subnet that the K12LTSP server's sitting on?

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