[K12OSN] Window Clients can't get past the Linux Server

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Wed Sep 12 15:13:13 UTC 2007

jones yeates wrote:

> I would try it out but I am not sure how to reset the settings back to 
> what I originally had, just in case I mess something up or it doesn't 
> work or understand the chkconfig --list | grep prox  output.

to revert chkconfig --levels 345 transparent-proxying on
to off..

simply  chkconfig --levels 345 transparent-proxying off

the output of chkconfig --list | grep prox

will merely show you what runlevels the service is turned on/off for.

also..in my situation I had to configure Squid and ensure it was running 
as well.


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