[K12OSN] Remote control - How ?

William Fragakis william at fragakis.com
Thu Sep 13 14:07:58 UTC 2007

FreeNX plus fl_TeacherTool will do this as well. I remember remotely
logging into our system to clean up some desktops and watching a student
editing an essay. I resisted the urge to send the message "Tux sees all
- use its not it's on line 4".

For simplicity, I'd FreeNX into a gateway server and then VNC to the
individual servers within the network more out of laziness so I didn't
have to set up the various keys. I was able to manage about 10 servers
that way. 

Teachers love it when they email you a problem a particular student is
having and you respond in 10 minutes with a resolution.

William Fragakis

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> The latest version of nomachine's free server has a feature called
> shadow
> desktop  which allows you to log in to  a desktop that already  has a
> logged
> in user. Both users can controlk the mouse etc. No machine only allows
> 2
> concurrent users, but it sounds like it will serve your purpose. I
> don't
> think Freenx has the shadow desktop feature.

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