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[K12OSN] Coordinating for NECC 2008

I hope you all are surviving the start of school year crunch. I'm just barely starting to resurface.

That being said, I noticed that the NECC abstract deadline is coming up faster than expected. I was wondering what all is being planned for NECC 2008 as far as Open Source activities.

Given the kinds of questions that frequently come up, I was wondering whether it might be useful to have an "Install Fest" where we can demonstrate what it would take to do a basic installation and deployment. Maybe something where we encourage people to bring their own computers or laptops where appropriate distro CD's are available at the session to install?

Anyway, just brainstorming some ideas for the conference.

Thanks. Hope to see you all there.

Hoover Chan                   chan sacredsf org
Director of Technology
Schools of the Sacred Heart
2222 Broadway St.
San Francisco, CA 94115

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