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Re: [K12OSN] Window Clients can't get past the Linux Server

On 9/12/07, David Whitmer <thewhitmers gmail com> wrote:

On 9/12/07, jones yeates < jones_yeates hotmail com> wrote:
I tried:
service nat start
service nat restart

It started up fine.  It still didn't work.

Are your Windows computers able to ping computers that are on the other side of your K12LTSP server by their IP address?

Knowing this would help with determining whether you're having a routing problem or a DNS lookup problem with your Windows computers.

Also... Something else for you to check are your settings in " named-k12ltsp.conf".  Adding the "forwarders" and "forward only" parameters might help.  I know it did at my school.


David Whitmer
Director of Media & Technology
Calvary Schools of Holland (Michigan)
web: www.calvaryschoolsholland.org
personal email: thewhitmers gmail com
school email:  david whitmer cshk12 org

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