[K12OSN] Coordinating for NECC 2008

Paul Nelson pnelson.k12 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 22:24:55 UTC 2007

On 9/13/07, Hoover Chan <chan at sacredsf.org> wrote:
> I hope you all are surviving the start of school year crunch. I'm just barely starting to resurface.
> That being said, I noticed that the NECC abstract deadline is coming up faster than expected. I was wondering what all is being planned for NECC 2008 as far as Open Source activities.
> snip...

I WILL be at NECC 2008.

I'd love to showcase how Drupal can be used to create great web sites
for schools. I'd also like to showcase some of the good
MAC/Linux/Windows FOSS out there. I'm doing a "Power Publishing, Three
for Free" presentation later this year on Inkscape, GIMP and Scribus.
I think it's amazing that all three run on all three OSs.

I'd also like to showcase some Creative Commons licensed courses for
Moodle. I want more schools to create and publish courses and Moodle
is a great way to do this.

One fun thing we did at a NECC was to have a server, switch, cables
and thin-client all piled up on a table. We'd show people the K12LTSP
diagram and then time them to see how long it took them to build a
working thin-client computer lab. We kept a billboard with the top 5
times for the conference and then gave away the server to the fastest
time. Did you know you can build a working thin-client lab in less
than a minute? Our server was a small mini-atx case job that was easy
to send home with the lucky winner.

If all else fails, we could get some local school kids to hand out
Linux CDRoms by the Microsoft booth. That's always fun. <Just
kidding... but it WAS fun.>

Driving there was the most fun.

;-) Paul

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