[K12OSN] Remote Desktop immage while ssh

ahodson ahodson at elp.rr.com
Sat Sep 15 15:08:22 UTC 2007

Oh, it's you again with another untimely question... perhaps there are 
no ssh users here with enough time on their hands to address such low 
level queries... or perhaps this list is getting to be too high brow to 
address such issues... nah, there's still a core of good hackers willing 
to help all users. The question is...

Alan Hodson wrote:
> A quick question for users who frequently use ssh
> While remotely logged in, what is the command to make the remote desktop appear? - I'd like to be able to set background images for all the students remotely by using the dropbox
> Thanks
> Alan A Hodson
> El Paso TX
> -=o=-
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