[K12OSN] Office 2007 and OpenOffice

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Wed Sep 19 02:47:34 UTC 2007

> My wife is a University Professor. She had a student turn in an essay in a 
> file made with MS Office 2007 (the extension was ".docx") that she could not 
> open with MS Office 2003, so she sent it to me to try to open it on her home 
> computer (equipped with Office 2007) which I did. As an experiment, I tried 
> it out with NeoOffice v2.2.1 patch 0 (latest OpenOffice code for Mac OS X 
> Aqua) which has experimental MS Office 2007 support. It worked fine.
> I have downloaded the latest Linux OOo (v2.3.0) but have yet to install it. I 
> think it too has MS Office 2007 filters. I'll let you know.

I ran into this same mess a couple weeks ago.  I think my Gutsy Desktop is running OOo
v2.3.0 if I remember right.  At first it appeared it opened the .docx file just fine,
but it seems to only open text ok.  If the document contains images they are not
properly pulled into the document.  But I have only had the one file to test and luckily
I do not have an MS Office 07 anywhere within my grasp.

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