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Re: [K12OSN] OT: easy way to move "documents and settings" folder?

Huck is of no use here as well...sorry :(
I only know of the other because when using Samba with roaming profiles...when staff members put all of their files in My Documents(the default location)...their login and logout times stretch over a millennium it seems...and for some reason they do NOT listen when you request/explain/ask/nudge/encourage them to save to the NETWORK drive(s).


Jim Kronebusch wrote:
On Wed, 19 Sep 2007 13:07:29 -0400, Rob Owens wrote
Jim and Huck, thanks for the responses.  But I want to move not just "My
Documents", but the entire Documents and Settings folder.  The reason is
that things like temporary internet files, etc. are filling up the very
small C drive on my terminal server.  Users are instructed to save all
of their "stuff" on a network drive anyway, so My Documents doesn't
actually take up much space.

Also, to be clear, I'd like to set it up so that all new users get their
settings put in d:\documents and settings\username


Ahh, my apologies.  I misread your original email which was very clear in stating you
wanted to move Documents and Settings. Can't say I can help you there.

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