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Re: [K12OSN] OS X with Linux or Windows Home Folders?

Not quite sure if this will help you, but you might look at afpfs-ng which allows you to mount Apple shared volumes onto Linux machines.



Shane Sammons wrote:
Maybe someone here would know. I have search Google and I keep getting instructions on NFS shares, Samba, etc. Yet, not one has been setting up and moving user home folder in OS X Workgroup Manager from local AFP shares to an SMB or NFS share.

I created a basic Windows share and entered smb:\\\students with username in both of its fields and that didn't work. I then tried the username:password Workgroup/servername/share format. Still account were made locally.

I am not going to setup an Ubuntu Server and see if I can do it with NFS shares. However, again no luck with finding documentation on it. I have found notes of issues with the file locking of 10.3 systems which we use.

Would anyone here know and be a good resource for this or perhaps could direct me to some documentation?

Shane Sammons


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