[K12OSN] OS X with Linux or Windows Home Folders?

John Lucas mrjohnlucas at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 19:15:04 UTC 2007

On Thursday 20 September 2007 13:40, Shane Sammons wrote:
> Maybe someone here would know. I have search Google and I keep getting
> instructions on NFS shares, Samba, etc. Yet, not one has been setting up
> and moving user home folder in OS X Workgroup Manager from local AFP shares
> to an SMB or NFS share.
> I created a basic Windows share and entered smb:\\\students
> with username in both of its fields and that didn't work. I then tried the
> username:password at Workgroup/servername/share format. Still account were
> made locally.
> I am not going to setup an Ubuntu Server and see if I can do it with NFS
> shares. However, again no luck with finding documentation on it. I have
> found notes of issues with the file locking of 10.3 systems which we use.
> Would anyone here know and be a good resource for this or perhaps could
> direct me to some documentation?

Well, here is something that I ran accross that uses Linux servers (with LDAP, 
Samba, and NFS) *instead* of Mac OS X servers for heterogenous authentication 
and fileservice (Linux/Windows/Mac). This doesn't use Workgroup Manager, but 
it might help anyway:


I have implemented the LDAP part and it works great, I haven't done the NFS 
part yet (next week I'll try it out), but users can manually connect to their 
home folders on the server via SMB/CIFS using the Finder. I am new to Mac, 
but have had years of experience with FreeBSD and Linux.

I used K12LTSP-5EL (CentOS 5 based) and the "smbldap-installer" script. There 
were some things I had to work around to make it work, but it allows me to 
use the "smbldap-tools" for user and group managment. If anyone wants my 
notes on getting smbldap-installer working with K12LTSP-5EL/CentOS 5 sent me 
a note.

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