[K12OSN] Old & Weird Request

Jason jason at strangelogic.co.uk
Mon Sep 24 11:42:01 UTC 2007

Hi everyone.

Firstly let me say hello as I am new to the list.

so.... "Hello everyone :)"

I have a somewhat weird request for help. I am trying to track down an 
old old 2.0.x version of the distro but am finding no luck anywhere. I 
am sure that some of you have worked out I am trying to follow the 
excellent K12LTSP and OpenMosix guide by James Jenson at 

If the ISOs exist somewhere out in the ether I'd be eminently grateful 
for a download from you, or alternatively will be more than happy to pay 
for you to post them to me, although I am in the UK, so that may make it 
more difficult.

Thanks in advance for your help

Kind Regards

Jason Duke       

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