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[K12OSN] Migrating users to a new server smbldap

We are in the process of moving our users over from K12LTSP 6 to Edubuntu.
I have been using smbldap on the K12LTSP box and want to continue using it on Edubuntu.
We installed smbldap on the new server fine, but made some of the choices differently. e.g. we gave a different domain name and password.
We were able to create a user with the bulk add script and that user could log in from the thin client.
When we tried to import the users from the old box we came across problems.
The users were not coming up when we did getent passwd.
We thought the change of domain name might have been the problem so we reran the smbldap configure script but when we ran it it failed every time without any meaningful message. We tried the old password, old domain name etc but it wouldn't install.

Any clues what to do next?

If worst comes to worst we can reinstall the operating system, but what if the same problem occurs again? It will be best if we can import the ldif user database from the other system.
Alternatively we could run the bulk user add script using the list of users. Of course then we would also have to set up the groups again etc but this is not a big deal.
The thing that worries me is that the users will not be able to access there home directories if the uid does not match. If we use the same usernames does the uid matter? If it does, can it be set along with the bulk add script?

Thanks for any tips.

Krsnendu dasa

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