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Re: [K12OSN] Pine sent mail folder, how to show recipients instead of senders? And K12LTSP successes...

For pine, $ is the sort key; then you'll get choices for sorting by From, To, Subject, etc.


Tom Wolfe wrote:
Sorry to ask this off-topic question... but it was asked a few years back on this list and I thought maybe someone might have a quick answer.

How can I sort my sent mail folder according to recipient instead of sender (me)?

On the K12LTSP front, we're expanding soon -- 100 more FREE "Computers for Schools" http://www.education.gov.ab.ca/cfs/ P3 units arriving any day now. This is a largely Microsoft funded project, but they are giving me stations with blank (or removed?) hard drives and preconfigured to PXE boot! How easy is that?

Tom Wolfe
Morley Community School
Morley, Alberta

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