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[K12OSN] ltsp client boot issues

have setup a variety of servers for tlsp purposes and none have worked out.
I am most comfortable with RedHat distros and have installed many over the years, but never with the intent of using TLSP.  It didn't go well.
==Using k12ltsp ver 5
All went well.  All services are installed and running as verified in ltspadmin.  I'm using a client boot ROM, and it is working as I get an IP address. 
The client hangs at:  loading . . NBI. . . . .
Any assistance getting my client past this would be great.
Note: I have read many suggestions and made many changes, and some are noted below.
-edited the dchpd.conf file to point to the correct image and the correct location.
-used PXE ->same result as the boot ROM
-updated every package -> made no difference -> reinstall

At this point ltspadmin is still reporting all is fine, and the client still hangs.

Any ideas are appreciated



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