[K12OSN] eMac client

Jon Harder linuxk12 at mountainlake.k12.mn.us
Fri Sep 28 15:34:22 UTC 2007

Craig White wrote:
> same issue that Jon Harder reported in June (thread continued into July
> without no apparent resolution)
> http://www.redhat.com/archives/k12osn/2007-June/msg00283.html
> Jon, did you ever get an eMac client working?

No, I was satisified with getting my older Mac clients working --
slot loading and earlier -- so I dropped the eMac problem.

Eventually I will be interested in a solution, because I have 60+ of
that type of eMac and they will make good clients after their useful
OS X life has passed. Maybe sooner if my users demand the open source!
I have one student already wondering why he can't boot to linux on
those ...

Jon Harder
Mountain Lake (MN) Public Schools

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